Sunday, 18 April 2010

Personal pronouns


ngáí - I
- you
yé - he/she/it
bísó - we
bínó - you
bangó - they
Kozala… to be…
ngáí nazalí kitoko I am beautiful
yó ozalí kitoko you are beautiful
yé azalí kitoko he/she/it is beautiful
bísó tozalí kitoko we are beautiful
bínó bozalí kitoko you are beautiful
bangó bazalí kitoko they are beautiful
Note that personal pronouns are, very often, not used in Lingala. So instead of saying “yé azali kitoko”, people usually say “azalí kitoko”, or “aza kitoko”.

áwa: here
kúná: there
wápi: où
níni: what ?
náni: who?

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